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Reveal Audio Services and Music Production of Marietta Georgia

Owner David Leonard of Reveal Audio Services

J. David Leonard, Owner

Hello! My name is David Leonard, and welcome to Reveal Audio Services. What began as a means for me to make my own song demos has grown into a successful dedicated professional business. Click here for more information about my experience and work.


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Studio Time

Reveal Audio provides

Reveal Audio Services specializes in forensic audio enhancement of sound recordings to be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

If you have a poor source recording, with my specialized software and knowledge, I can help clarify things by eliminating or minimizing the noises that are masking the important speech.

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The Reveal Audio Blog

Working with David at Reveal Audio provides -

  • Easy relaxed atmosphere, whether you're a pro or a beginner
  • One hourly price for all services, discounts available
  • Radio ready final product
  • Production, mixing, musical services, mastering all in one place
  • We bring out the best in you!

If you're a songwriter -

Begin by showing me how the song goes. Even if you don't play an instrument, you can sing the melody into a boom box and we can start from there. If you do play an instrument, that's even better.

Give me an idea of the direction you have in mind for this song. What style is it? Do you have a particular artist in mind? If you have an example on CD or cassette, that will help us get there faster.

Decide if you're going to sing it yourself, or if you need to hear samples of professional vocalists who can sing it for you.

From there, I will work with you on ideas for the arrangement and chart it out. Next I'll quickly get a basic beat going and record the primary instrument that moves the song. Then we build the rest from there.

If you are a vocalist -
If you are an artist -


What people say about Reveal Audio Studios

"Reveal Audio is my first choice for music. David is an incredible musician and a brilliant producer."--Cindy Lou Harrington, GOCRecords.

"I have to depend on the expertise of the producer and the studio to make a piece I've found or have written, the piece it has the potential to be. I'm so very glad you and Reveal Autio are in my corner. I'm certainly in yours. David Leonard at Reveal is second to no one. Yeah, baby!" --Moby In The Morning, Country Music DJ Hall of Fame radio personality

"Reveal is where you wanna be....His Ears are as good as his Heart, always one of my best friends" --Tucker, Krumz 2 Brikz Recordz

"You are a master! and a scorching guitar player!!" --Tifany Lee, Atlanta GA

"I have used two other studios in the past but Reveal Audio is my home. David quickly snaps in on what the songwriter wants which saves a lot of time and time is money. David works fast but not rushed which is another plus. He did a wonderful job for me on my latest CD Universal Love.   I have won lots of awards with these songs and the CD itself.  The production is first class and is very affordable." -- Eddie Rhoades, Marietta GA

Knockin' it outta da park - and I ain't just whistlin' Dixie! - Jennifer Ferren, nationally known Posi-Music artist